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[Hardstyle] Don't Stop [Hardstyle] Don't Stop

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You know, I remember the very first track I listened to by you. Resonate. And at the time I had been listening to various hardstyle DJ's and artists, and I remember listening, and thinking to myself.. "Wow, this sounds on par with any good artist that i've heard tracks from. I mean it could use a little more polish, maybe some more work on the melodie. But this guy/gal is really onto something..". I then listened to your other tracks, and downloaded them all.

Now, with this new track i'm happy too say this is by far your best Hardstyle track you've produced so far. (imo) The melodie is great. I mean It's really nice to listen too, and if I didn't know any better i'd say you have some definite influence from other DJ's out there. It sounds original enough though to make it your own. Which has been the case with all of your melodies.

Nothing really along the lines of criticism, but just keep doing what you're doing. (: You really have a knack for Hardstyle, and as much as I love HS, I certainly hope you keep at it, and keep producing great tracks.

Awesome job, and downloaded.

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VelociD responds:

Wow thx.
I have not even once thought of stopping producing at all, so you won't get rid of me anytime soon :D.